Danyi Law, P.C. We are a small family business that deals with all aspects of wills and estate planning, property law, and administration of estates and trusts. 

A Focused Practice

We don’t handle custody cases, criminal defense, or personal injury. We do what we do best: the law of wills and estates, your family finances, and your property.

Our staff is trained and experienced in dealing with the many legal and financial issues involved with the death of a family member and the orderly and efficient transfer of assets to the family. We are about personal attention to our clients: when you call us, you'll get a Danyi on the phone. 

In addition to the purely legal aspects of an estate, we have over 37 years of experience with the preparation of inheritance tax, estate tax, and fiduciary income tax returns. Attorney Danyi was also in the financial services and insurance business and knows about investments and financial products.

Our Clients

Our clients are regular folks and families, from retired steelworkers to small business owners and corporate executives. We have long-term relationships with many of our clients and sometimes have two and three generations of a family as clients.